Monday, January 24, 2011

New CPR Guidelines Announced

Life First Training Center is proud to be an official American Heart Association approved Training Center. The American Heart Association is the gold standard for CPR training. One reason for this is because of their process for creating the CPR guidelines which are updated every 5 years. More than over 250 CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care scientific topics undergo evidence-based review by leading experts in the field of medicine. Curriculum and instructors are updated to the newest recommended findings and students are taught the most current and effective ways possible to assist in saving the lives of others. The new CPR guidelines of 2010 will among other changes, teach a revised order of initial CPR steps. The new order is C-A-B (compressions-airway and breathing) which supports the latest evidence that compressions are the most important part of CPR. For more information on these guideline changes, please visit the AHA web site at: For information on courses in the Stockton-Modesto and Tracy area, please visit our website at: